005: Paul’s Waiting Period in Prison in Caesarea Maritima

Have you ever struggled while you wait for God’s answer to your situation? Be comforted and strengthened today in this episode of the Break Forth Journeys Podcast. You’ll identify with the Apostle Paul as he went through his own waiting period.

Today’s episode takes place on one of our tours in Caesarea By The Sea (Caesarea Maritima), as we stand close to the spot where it is believed that the Apostle Paul was imprisoned. You’ll hear the fury of the wind and the crashing of the waves as Hans shares about God’s grace under pressure. Well, listen on in as Hans shares a word for you today:

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The Link We Mentioned In This Episode:

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Photos from Caesarea Maritima:

When Arlen and Elsa were at Caesarea Maritima last time, they went camera crazy as this is such an astounding spot. Check out some of the photos below:





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4 thoughts on “005: Paul’s Waiting Period in Prison in Caesarea Maritima

  1. Thank you so much for these podcasts, this is exactly what I needed today, so much pressure in my life right now. Our GOD is faithful and thanks for the encouragement from Hans, Arlen and Elsa. GOD bless Break Forth Journeys!