006 Podcast: Visiting Tel Dan, where the Northern Golden Calf was worshipped

Path leading to the Golden Calf

Each one of us has been given a free will from God. We are not robots. We can choose God’s wisdom and see the blessings or we can choose our own way and face the natural consequences of this choice.

In today’s podcast, we travel back in time 3,000 years to learn lessons that Solomon and those who came after him had to learn the hard way.

Perhaps when you think of Israel you only think of desert or the Mediterranean or the rolling hills along the Galilee. But, if you head into Northern Israel, you come to the Tel Dan Nature Reserve.

Stark photo we took of the Tel Dan altar location

Here, you can walk through verdant forests with the cascading waters where the mighty Jordan River begins.  Once you walk through the forest, you come to the ancient city of Leshem and then a little further, you come to the actual location where the golden calf in northern Israel was placed. It is a stirring and sobering experience.

That’s where this episode takes place.

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In this Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The jealousy that fueled the building of the Northern Calf
  • Why the River Jordan is called Jordan (a quick Hebrew lesson).
  • Most people think Solomon simply prayed for wisdom. Learn the original Hebrew word that describes what Solomon really prayed for.
  • The far-reaching results of ignoring God’s wisdom.
  • Our third tour tip: The worst time to visit!  

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