010: God’s Humble Glory at Shepherd’s Field, Bethlehem: Podcast

It’s one of the highlights of any visit to Bethlehem – a visit to Shepherds Field!

Shepherd’s Field outside Bethlehem

In today’s episode, we have just left a grotto (cave) that would be similar to a place where Jesus was born. We have an unforgettable time of worship.

Now, as Hans speaks, our group is at an overlook at Shepherd’s Field. According to many scholars, this is the place where the angels appeared to the shepherds, proclaiming the birth of the Messiah.

As we gaze down at the valley below, we can’t help but wonder how the shepherds felt that night.

Listen in now as Hans shares a stirring message from Shepherd’s Field that not only fits for Christmas time, nut all year long.

Listen in below:

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In this Episode, You’ll Discover:

  1. An insight into the year when Jesus was born.
  2. Mary and Joseph’s great step of faith
  3. The Bethlehem connection between King David and Jesus
  4. Why Bethlehem was an appropriate place for Jesus to be born

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