011: Jesus Reveals He Is Messiah in Nazareth

Mary’s Well in Nazareth, Israel.

It’s in this once humble town of Nazareth where Jesus spent most of His life! For 30 years, he lived as “God Incognito.”

Here, Jesus spent almost 90% of his earthly life, walking in holiness and humility. Here, Jesus learned the demanding but highly-skilled trade of a tekton (Greek) alongside His father, Joseph.

Jesus’ quiet life suddenly changed when He stood up in the synagogue and proclaimed Himself as the Messiah.

Today, our group is standing in the courtyard of St Gabriel Greek Orthodox Church, close to Mary’s Well.  Here, Hans shares a word of hope and challenge to each of us to be open to God’s unexpected ways of answering our prayers.

Are we ready to hear?

Listen in below:

(See photos of Nazareth, Mary’s Well and the highly-regarded Nazareth Village at the end of this post.)

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In this Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The tie of Nazareth to the Hebrew name for Christian today.
  • Jesus was more than a carpenter.
  • How Nazareth is tied to Biblical prophecy regarding the Messiah.
  • Some photos below from Nazareth 

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Photos from Nazareth (Photos from Arlen Salte and Linnea Salte):

Hans speaks to us outside of St Gabriel Church, close to Mary’s Well


By the water source in St Gabriel Church


Nazareth Village


Nazareth Village


View from the Nazareth Village site to modern Nazareth


Weavers in Nazareth Village


Synagogue representation in Nazareth Village


Scroll in the Synagogue in Nazareth Village, open to Isaiah



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5 thoughts on “011: Jesus Reveals He Is Messiah in Nazareth

    • Donna – So glad you enjoyed the podcast as well as the photos. It’s wonderful to see this sweep around the world.

  1. Wow, this is a good word reminding me to evaluate how firm is my believing that God will actually answer the deep prayers of my heart – such as my prayers for Revival! I am feeling great anticipation for what God has in store for 2018 but Hans’ word today causes me to connect and ground my anticipation (which can often feel like something drifting in the air) to my prayers and God’s answers to them. This word helps me to stand in a different posture – anticipating God answering my prayers and having the eyes of my heart open so that I don’t refuse His answer based on my preconceived ideas of what they would look like or lack of belief that I would ever see the answer. Thank you so much Hans. I feel refreshed. You are a very anointed man of God and a blessing to all who hear your teaching.