018: Why was Jesus’ Baptism important? The three highlights.

Yardenit – the baptismal site on the Jordan river.

One of the most beautiful places on earth is a place called Yardenit along the Jordan River in Israel. Is it because of the lush vegetation along the shore, the brightly coloured flowers,  or the emerald green of the water? Is it the singing, swooping birds above?

That’s not it at all.

It’s so beautiful because over half a million people come here each year. This is the place where most Christians come when they visit Israel to remember their baptisms in the same Jordan River where Jesus was baptised.

But, it’s much more than that.

When you visit Yardenit, you hear songs of praise and shouts of joy from all over the world.

It is truly a foretaste of the unity we share as the family of God. 

Today, we’re at Yardenit in Israel.

In this message today, Hans shares a powerful word about the treasure we share in Christ.

Today, we learn:

  • Three important lessons of Jesus’s baptism
  • The sign of the Trinity at Jesus’s baptism
  • The significance of the dove descending on Jesus

Listen in today to this powerful message right from the Jordan River in Israel.

(See photos of Yardenit and the Jordan River at the end of this post.)

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Photos of Yardenit and the Jordan River:

Pilgrims at Yardenit


The Jordan River. Israel




Hans preaches at Yardenit



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  1. This was a wonderful reminder to me of being baptised in that very place with five others from Canada, when I came with Breakforth Ministries in March 2012. I’ve never been the same since even though God still has much work to do in my life. Thank you Arlen, Elsa and Hans

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