019: Three Lessons from the Desert. Hope found in Ein Gedi

Beautiful waterfall at Ein Gedi, Israel.

Imagine how David felt when he was being pursued by an envious madman, Saul? David was chased by 3,000 men Saul had sent to deal with him once and for all. Then – he hid in a cave in Ein Gedi and he experienced God’s protection.

Hans preaches at the lower waterfall

Perhaps you’ve felt like David at times. 

Perhaps you feel like that now.

Join us today in Ein Gedi, the same place where David hid away from Saul.

Hans has 3 important lessons to share with you today.

These lessons may just give you a fresh perspective on those ‘desert times’ of life.

Today, we learn:

  • The most common meaning of the word desert in Hebrew and what that’s so important to know.
  • The three lessons we gain from the desert
  • How God called Hans into prison – as a prisoner – and God used this ‘desert time’ for blessings

Listen in today to this powerful message right from the base of the lower waterfall in Ein Gedi, Israel.

(See photos of Ein Gedi at the end of this post.)

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Photos of Yardenit and the Jordan River:

David’s Cave in Ein Gedi


Ibex at Ein Gedi, israel


Arlen & Elsa Salte in Ein Gedi


Hiking in EIn Gedi



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2 thoughts on “019: Three Lessons from the Desert. Hope found in Ein Gedi

  1. Awesome Memories

    So thankful for all of the pictures and teaches. I cannot begin to explain what a breath taking experience it was to be with you all in Isreal. I see the Bible in color now . I still feel connected to you all even though it’s been four years already.

  2. I remember being at Ein Gedi and seeing an Ibex. It brings back some wonderful memories.

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