020: Pentecost Lessons on the Temple Steps. Podcast

A Break Forth Journeys group on the Temple Steps, Jerusalem

What do popcorn and Christians have in common? 

You’re about to learn that in this episode of the Break Forth Journeys Podcast. 

What an incredible transformation took place in the Apostle Peter’s life.

Just 50 days before, he had been cowering in fear at the crucifixion of his Saviour, Jesus.

Now, just 50 days later, Peter stands on these steps you see in the photo above.

He preaches with unparalleled boldness.

The Holy Spirit Falls.

Thousands come to faith in Jesus as the Messiah. 

Thousands are baptised.

But is this just for 2,000 years ago or is it also for today

Join us today as our group sits on the Temple Steps in Jerusalem, the same place where Peter preached with such boldness and lives were forever transformed.

Today, we learn:

  • What astronaut, Neil Armstrong experienced on these same steps.
  • How the ‘imperfect’ temple steps prepared people for worship.
  • Why Christians should be like popcorn

Listen in today to this powerful message right from on the Temple Steps in Jerusalem.

(See photos of the Temple Steps and area at the end of this post.)

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Photos of Yardenit and the Jordan River:

Temple Walls


The ramparts of the walls of Jerusalem – A great place to prayer-walk


Prayer notes in the Wailing (Western) Wall.


Jerusalem Old City from the Mount of Olives



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