022: Jesus Heals at the Pools of Bethesda: Podcast

The Pools of Bethesda can be found next to St Anne’s Church, Jerusalem, Israel.

Was Jesus rude when he asked the lame man at the Pools of Bethesda, “Do you want to be healed?” 

The man had been laying by the pools for 38 years – looking for healing from the mystery waters.

Of course, he wanted to be healed!

Or did he?

Listen in today to hear Hans share a powerful story of healing from the Pools of Bethesda.

Today, we learn:

  • How Jesus showed grace to the man by leaving him right after he healed him.
  • The significance of the man being lame for 38 years (hint: it has to do with the Israelites in the Desert).
  • Why the Pools of Bethesda shows the authenticity of the scriptures.

Listen in today to this powerful message right from the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem.

(See photos of the Pools of Bethesda and area at the end of this post.)

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Photos of the Pools of Bethesda:

Church of Saint Anne and Pool of Bethesda: Church of St Anne has some of the most famous choral acoustics in the world


Looking down into Pools of Bethesda


One of our Break Forth Journeys Groups Worshipping in St Anne’s Church: Amazing Acoustics: 

Elsa at the Pools of Bethesda:




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