Bargill Pixner: Full Video

Arlen & Elsa in 'Pixner's Cave'

Arlen & Elsa in ‘Pixner’s Cave’

Many times on our Break forth Journeys trips to Israel, we mention the groundbreaking discouveries and theories of Rev. Bargil Pixner.

Bargil Pixner (March 23, 1921 – April 5, 2002) was a German born, Benedictine monk, Biblical scholar, archaeologist and Benedictine authority on the Dead Sea scrolls.

Those who have traveled with us will remember visiting what’s called

Rev. Bargil Pixner

Rev. Bargil Pixner

“Pixner’s Cave” as we sit and look out onto the Sea of Galilee.

Pixner is the author of several great books, but now, you can watch a one hour TV special he made before he passed away.

Just link here to watch the fascinating video.


What Did Rome Look Like?

The Colosseum by night.Visiting Rome is a highlight for Christians. You can imagine the culture that the Apostle Paul walked into. You can visualize what Rome must have been to walk through in the early years of the Christian church.

But the stunning ruins can sometimes leave you a little bewildered as to what went where.  It can leave you running to the closest gelato shop while scratching your head (and yes, you should enjoy the best of Rome’s gelato)!

If you’d like to visualize Rome in its heyday, your wait is over. This video recreation gives a stunning view into what Rome must have looked like.

If you’d like to see Rome as it was, why don’t you click on the video below?

Plaka in Athens: A beautiful stroll on your Christian tour.

Plaka, Athens

Plaka, Athens

When you travel to Athens on your tour of the Missionary Journeys of Paul, try to take a couple of hours to stroll through the drop-dead-gorgeous Plaka area. It’s just a short walk from the Acropolis.

Seeing breathtaking beauty can be profoundly spiritual as it reminds us of our Creator. Beauty often sets our hearts longing for God’s promises in eternity.

(Note: Well take time to relax at Plaka on our upcoming Break Forth Paul Tour. More info here.)

Here is a little more about Plaka:

Stroll around Plaka, one of the most alluring and cosy districts in Athens. Renowned among the Athenians as the Neighborhood of the Gods, Plaka will cast a spell on you with its winding streets and nicely restored old houses of a neoclassical flair and coffee shops, tavernas and tiny mezedopolia (small tavernas serving traditional tid-bits (meze). Relax and enjoy your beverage or a meal with the right touch of romance and nostalgia of the past. You will be overwhelmed by the plethora of folk art items, works of art, traditional products, clothing and handmade articles found in souvenir shops all around.

Stunning Plaka at night.

Stunning Plaka at night.

You will also encounter significant monuments and sites covering antiquity, as well as the city’s Roman and Ottoman past. The district is a real cultural mosaic: Small churches and mosques, a hammam, the Roman Agora, and the first university of Greece. 

Read more . . .

Download Your Break Forth Paul 2016 Brochure Now

Download Your Break Forth Paul 2016 Brochure Now

Break Forth Paul 2016: Missionary Journeys & 7 Day Cruise

Download Your Break Forth Paul 2016 Brochure Now

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5 Lessons Learned to Truly Enjoy Traveling

5 Lessons Learned to Truly Enjoy Traveling

5 Lessons Learned to Truly Enjoy Traveling

Travel can be one of the most richly rewarding, heart-expanding and learning experiences of life.

But, when we bring our own cultural norms, food expectations, and other restrictions with us when we travel, we can miss out on so much.

Here is a great article on 5 Lessons Learned to Truly Enjoy Traveling by Amy Chen. There are good reminders here. Just click here: 5 Lessons Learned to Truly Enjoy Traveling.