Your Free Packing Checklist for your Pilgrimage

It’s easy to forget things. Your Spiritual Journey of a lifetime is not the time for this to happen.

This packing list may help you.

Just print this off a couple of weeks before you leave, place it in an obvious location and then as you pack into your luggage, check things off. Don’t forget to add items on page 2 that are not on the list.

Just remember: The lighter you pack; the more agile you are.

Download your checklist by clicking here.

Your free Packing Checklist

What Clothes Should You Wear Touring the Bible Lands?

Here are some quick tips:

It is best to pack a good range of clothing (light coat, long sleeve shirt, sweater, t-shirt, shorts etc.). In the evening you might want to wear your light coat, and then find yourself pulling out shorts and a t-shirt while in another part of the country during the heat of the day.

It is best to pack knits. You will most likely not have easy access to an iron

  • Make sure the shoes you pack are good for walking. Think comfort!
  • At the Catholic churches or Mosques, you are not allowed to wear shorts or sleeveless tops. Please pack accordingly.
  • Some tours join a Messianic Jewish worship service, which requires casual dress clothes.

We have another post coming where we give you a more in-depth list. Keep an eye out.

We’ll also post a full packing list. This is the one we send to each guest who joins us for a Break Forth Journeys tour.

Walk the Walls of Jerusalem with us. A Video for You!

A few months ago we had an opportunity to walk the ramparts on the walls of Jerusalem.

The Walls of Jerusalem

This was a profoundly moving time as we prayed for each quarter of Jerusalem (JewishMuslimArmenianChristian).

In 2018, Israel will celebrate 70th anniversary of the Founding of the State of Israel. We’ll walk the walls again.

Would you like to join us?

What an amazing time to visit Jerusalem and to pray! We’ll do just that during Break Forth Israel & Jordan NEXT Level 2018.

Elsa taking a break along the walk. We won’t rush you.

Please take a look below at a short video we shot while walking the walls just 4 months ago.

If you’re not signed up yet, we’d love to invite you, your friends, your church and your family to join us on this most historic year.

For your free brochure, just email us here.

In Christ,
Arlen, Elsa & Hans

PS – The tour is almost sold out, even though it’s 7 months from now.

006 Podcast: Visiting Tel Dan, where the Northern Golden Calf was worshipped

Path leading to the Golden Calf

Each one of us has been given a free will from God. We are not robots. We can choose God’s wisdom and see the blessings or we can choose our own way and face the natural consequences of this choice.

In today’s podcast, we travel back in time 3,000 years to learn lessons that Solomon and those who came after him had to learn the hard way.

Perhaps when you think of Israel you only think of desert or the Mediterranean or the rolling hills along the Galilee. But, if you head into Northern Israel, you come to the Tel Dan Nature Reserve.

Stark photo we took of the Tel Dan altar location

Here, you can walk through verdant forests with the cascading waters where the mighty Jordan River begins.  Once you walk through the forest, you come to the ancient city of Leshem and then a little further, you come to the actual location where the golden calf in northern Israel was placed. It is a stirring and sobering experience.

That’s where this episode takes place.

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In this Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The jealousy that fueled the building of the Northern Calf
  • Why the River Jordan is called Jordan (a quick Hebrew lesson).
  • Most people think Solomon simply prayed for wisdom. Learn the original Hebrew word that describes what Solomon really prayed for.
  • The far-reaching results of ignoring God’s wisdom.
  • Our third tour tip: The worst time to visit!  

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Our Next Tour Hans, Arlen & Elsa are leading:

In this Episode, we mentioned one tour: Break Forth Israel & Jordan NEXT Level 2018. This amazing spiritual journey of a lifetime will sell out. You can get your free brochure and learn more here.




005: Paul’s Waiting Period in Prison in Caesarea Maritima

Have you ever struggled while you wait for God’s answer to your situation? Be comforted and strengthened today in this episode of the Break Forth Journeys Podcast. You’ll identify with the Apostle Paul as he went through his own waiting period.

Today’s episode takes place on one of our tours in Caesarea By The Sea (Caesarea Maritima), as we stand close to the spot where it is believed that the Apostle Paul was imprisoned. You’ll hear the fury of the wind and the crashing of the waves as Hans shares about God’s grace under pressure. Well, listen on in as Hans shares a word for you today:

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The Link We Mentioned In This Episode:

Do you want to be better prepared for the delicious Israeli street food? Here is a great link. Just click here.

Photos from Caesarea Maritima:

When Arlen and Elsa were at Caesarea Maritima last time, they went camera crazy as this is such an astounding spot. Check out some of the photos below: