Break Forth Journeys Tours 2016-2017

We’re thrilled to share with you our Bible Lands Tour lineup for 2016 to 2017.

Please join us for Spiritual Journeys of a Lifetime. Join us for:

  • Break Forth Israel & Jordan NEXT Level: 2016.
  • Break Forth Paul 2016: Missionary Journeys of Paul & 7 Day Cruise
  • Break Forth Israel Signature Tour: March 2017
  • Break Forth Revelation: 7 Churches & Isle of Patmos

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14 thoughts on “Break Forth Journeys Tours 2016-2017

  1. We would like to have information on “Break Forth Israel Signature Tour: March 2017. It would be for 2 adults and 2 teenager 14 and 16.

  2. I want to join your group for the tour of March 2017…please let me know where I would send a deposit and I would be travelling alone so would like my own room. Do I have to pay extra for this?

    • Hi Lorraine – We would love to have you join us. Please download a brochure at here and then email us at Welcome aboard!
      Note – there is a single supplement like all tours have. This reflects the difference of one person sharing a room vs two people sharing a room (and splitting the cost). If you email us we will fill you in on all the details.

  3. My girlfriend and I are interested in doing the Tour to Israel in Mar /17.. Would we arrange our own flights to Toronto, and what time of the day would we need to be there. Maybe we are wise in coming a day before..we are three hrs by air, and two hour drive to the our nearest airport. We are also interested in the Extension tour #one,so, there again we need to know if you arrange the flight from Toronto to Saskatoon, or ourselves.? Thank you !

  4. My wife and I would like to join your group tour of March 2017. Please, let us know where we can send a deposit and if there is any papper work necessary we will do it as soon as possible!
    Rev. Kebede Dibaba

  5. I attend the Lands of the Bible Workshop Intensive at this year’s breakforth in Edmonton. You had mentioned that if I mentioned my attendance there that I would be able to receive some of Hans Weichbrodt’s recorded talks from your last Israel tour. How do I go about receiving those. Thanks very much.
    Also, I would like to receive more information about your upcoming Break Forth Israel Signature Tour. Thanks again.

    • Hi Sherryl – Our Break Forth Israel tour coming up sold out a while ago. Our next tour to Israel is Break Forth Israel & Jordan NEXT Level in May 2018. We expect this to sell our rapidly. Please email so we can send you more information. There was a form to fill out we passed around for the recordings. If you did not fill this out, please email us at so we can assist you. We love to serve!