View our Luxury Nile River Cruise Ship

On the Break Forth Israel & Jordan Next Level 2018 Egypt extension, you will be pampered for days as you cruise down the lush Nile River.

Each day, you’ll experience expertly guided, jaw dropping excursions to stunning temples thousands of years old.

In the morning, during the heat of the day, and during the magical warm evenings, you’ll experience the resplendent luxury of the Blue Shadow Nile Cruise Ship. You’ll enjoy fine dining in air conditioned comfort, 5 Star rooms, wonderful amenities, a relaxing swimming pool, and evening cultural shows (you can skip the belly dancing if you wish). Enjoy the view as you glide down the verdant Nile, seeing happy children at play, farmers harvesting sugar cane, and an immensely diverse wild life.

View the video below to see what’s in store for you on this journey of a lifetime:



A Powerful Prayer from Congresswoman Michele Bachmann at the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast

As Founders of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast, we prepared for a pithy keynote message from Congresswoman and former USA Presidential Candidate, Michele Bachmann.

But, unexpectedly, God led her to change her plans and our plans as well.

What happening instead was powerful. She prayed. We prayed.

As you watch Michele Bachman’s stirring video below from the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast, we encourage you to pray along.

Can’t Miss Video from the Historic Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast

Arlen & Elsa Leading in Prayer

It was historic. It was miraculous.

As Founders of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast, we were overwhelmed with the miraculous response. Sixty nations were represented as we came together in June for several days at the first Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast and conference. Incredibly, this Christian gathering was supported by the Knesset (Government of Israel) and Israel’s President.

During the Prayer Breakfast day, we were hit with the reality that it was 50 years to the day since the Six-Day War.  Remembering this, the former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren stepped to the stage and presented the stirring message below.

The video may be the most inspiring 11 minutes of your day.

Will you watch it? Will you join us in prayer for Israel?

In Christ,
Arlen & Elsa Salte, Hans Weichbrodt
Founders: Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast
Break Forth Journeys

PS – Do you want to join us in May 2018 for Break Forth Israel & Jordan Next Level? Please ask for your free brochure by emailing us at

Break Forth Israel & Jordan Next Level 2018

We’re thrilled to announce Break Forth Israel & Jordan Next Level 2018.

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Your Bible will come alive as you step onto the land where prophets, priests, kings and our Messiah walked.

You’ll experience scholarly teaching, amazing sites, grace-centered ministry, personal renewal, wonderful fellowship, heart-lifting worship and maybe more smiles than you’ve had in years.

This tour is for those who’ve been to Israel before or those who want to dig deeper.

You’ll experience:

  • 11 Days of wonder and growth from Jerusalem to Masada to Mount Nebo to Petra to Jericho to Mt of Temptation and more!
  • A breathtaking luxurious ‘glamping’ experience in Wadi Rum
  • Daily sumptuous breakfast and dinner buffets
  • Exceptional 4 and 5 Star accommodations
  • Teaching from the world-renowned Hans Weichbrodt at every Biblical site
  • Heart-lifting Worship experiences along the way with Arlen & Elsa Salte and team.
  • Experienced leadership who’ve led over 2,000 people to the Lands of the Bible
  • The best of the best, hand-picked guides and drivers.
  • Travel by first-class air-conditioned motorcoach
  • Free pre-trip study and preparation materials
  • Free audio recordings of all teachings sent to you after the trip
  • International round-trip air, deluxe airport transfers to and from hotel (not included in land only option)
  • Opportunities to add on incredible post-trip extensions
  • And so much more!

We’ve sold out every tour. We encourage you to move quickly.

You can download your free beautiful brochure now: Just click here.

You can also call to reserve your space at 1-866-978-2997. If that toll free line jams up due to an overload of calls you can also call 1-604-279-8794. 

You can also download just the booking form. Just click here.

This is your spiritual journey and adventure of a lifetime. Please join us!

Renew Your Heart With This Video from Israel

Do you need some Holy Land inspiration today? Do you want this without packing your suitcase?

Then, this video is for you.

In this video, you’ll visit:

  • The Garden Tomb
  • The Wailing (Western) Wall
  • Caesarea By The Sea
  • Ein Gedi where David hid from Saul
  • The reverence of the desert
  • The beauty of the Sea of Galilee
  • And so much more.

If you’re ready to be inspired, why don’t you click on this heart-lifting video below? It may be the best 4 minutes of your day:

You can download a free brochure for our Break Forth Israel Signature Tour here.

Announcing: Break Forth Israel & Jordan: NEXT Level!

Free Break Forth Israel & Jordan: NEXT Level Brochure

Your Free Break Forth Israel & Jordan: NEXT Level Brochure

We’re thrilled to announce our latest tour, Break Forth Israel & Jordan: NEXT Level 2016.

This is not just another tourist trip!

Are you looking for something more than just another “Holy Land’ trip that just ticks boxes at famous sites and moves on? Are you looking for something more than a short devotion, short prayer and then you climb onto another tour bus?

If you’re looking for more, then this experience is for you! Break Forth Israel & Jordan NEXT Level is for those who want more!

Our spiritual teaching will be led by dynamic speaker, scholar and renowned author, Rev. Hans Weichbrodt. We will experience times of worship that are so powerful and unique that they will be remembered for a lifetime. You will experience teaching from local scholars and prominent teachers along the way. You’ll worship with a local messianic congregation. You’ll explore places few tour groups go.

If you are looking for a unique experience in the Holy Land? Do you want your first pilgrimage to be unique and spiritually deep? Have you been before but you want something new and inspiring? If so, Break Forth Israel & Jordan is for you!

You can download your free brochure here.

You can watch the overview video here.

We expect an early sell out so please contact us today. You can hold your space with just a deposit.

Please contact us today as we sell out months early. This is for you! You will never be the same! Please send us an email at 

You’ll never be the same!

Join us for Break Forth Israel & Jordan: NEXT Level 2016. Watch this video for highlights.

Please visit us here to book today before we sell out!

We’d love to have you join us!


Break Forth Canada brings together thousands for a weekend of renewal, equipping, worship, fellowship, resourcing and more. Over 32 unique workshops are held by some of the most renowned Christian authors, presenters and artists in the world. 

Limited walk-in registration space is available. If you show up to register on site we will make sure we find you space!

Of special interest to those who read the Break Forth Journeys blog are the Pre-Conference Workshops session offered by our main Break Forth Journeys’ Spiritual Leader, Rev. Hans Weichbrodt.

Here are Hans Weichbrodt’s Sessions on Hebraic Foundations:hans wide scenery

Session A: Isaiah 53: Hebraic Insights that Unlock The Doors to This Key Biblical Text

Isaiah 53 has been a key text to help billions understand that Jesus is the promised Messiah. Learn from Break Forth Israel’s key speaker the exciting explanation of the Hebrew text that will make you marvel at the depths in the prophecies about Jesus as the atoning Messiah.

Session B: The Seven Congregations – Uncovering Prophetic Truths in the Light of Culture, Language and Land

Learn new insights into this often-overwhelming scripture. Your eyes will be open as you see the letters to the Seven Churches in a way you have never seen before. Join a tour through the seven different congregations that received personal letters from our Lord Jesus Christ himself. As we go through the letters you will find that they not only are letters to the congregations then, but messages to us here and now! This is also perfect preparation if you are ever interested in a trip to the 7 Congregations! Those who are not planning to travel the 7 Churches will also gain inspiring new insights.

Session C: Jesus in The Light of Biblical Culture

Western thought and culture often limit us in gaining a deeper understanding into much of scripture, prophecy and more. Understanding the culture during Jesus’ time is essential to understanding His miracles and teachings. Hans will take us on a journey back in time to the Jewish culture, political and religious climate of Jesus’ time. We will gain greater insights into Jesus’ stories, teachings and more. Come take a walk in Jesus’ sandals.  Dig into Scripture and get to the root of understanding Jesus! 

Session D: Heaven – Our Eternal Future

The last two chapters of the Bible let us look behind the veil into heaven! The prophecies show us that heaven is a real place that will surpass our wildest expectations. What are your loved ones experiencing? What will you experience as a Christian? What does your future look like? Is it simply sitting on a cloud, eating cream cheese and playing a harp or is it an eternity of profound fulfillment, ultimate joy, and joining a loving adventure you’ve never dreamed or imagined? Join this session that will present heaven for you and answer many questions.  Prophecies show us that heaven will surpass our wildest expectations. Come learn about your eternal future.  Your heart will be deeply stirred!

Date: January 30, 2015—February 1, 2015
Event: Break Forth Canada 2015
Sponsor: Break Forth Ministries
Venue: Edmonton EXPO Centre
Location: 7300 116 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
Public: Public

Limited walk-in registration space is available. If you show up on site to register, we'll make sure we find you a spot.

arlen elsa Beth

Arlen and Elsa Salte

Join us on Saturday, January 31st at 12:30 PM for a wonderful journey through the Lands of the Bible! 

Location: Edmonton EXPO Centre, Edmonton, AB. Rooms 301-302. Click here for directions.

Register Free Here.

Special Presentations From:

  • Hans Weichbrodt (Sweden)
  • Ami Allon (Israel)
  • Alp Eren (Turkey)
  • hans wide scenery

    Hans Weichbrodt

    Praveen Syal (Indus Travels)

  • Arlen & Elsa Salte (Tour Leaders)

This will be a wonderful Break Forth Journeys session. 

Special presentations on Israel, Jordan, Greece, Turkey, Egypt and beyond.

Bring your questions and your anticipation. Featuring inspiring talks, your questions answered, videos and more.

Don’t miss our free inspirational and informational session on Saturday at 12:30 PM in Room 301-302. 

Please arrive early. We expect this free session to be packed.pilgrim

Register Free Here.





Date: January 31, 2015
Time: 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Event: Free Break Forth Journeys Gathering
Topic: Break Forth Journeys - Lands of The Bible
Sponsor: Break Forth Ministries
Venue: Edmonton EXPO Centre at Northlands
Location: 7300 116 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

Year after year our tours sell out, usually months in advance. If you are interested in joining us, please email us at