Walk the Walls of Jerusalem with us. A Video for You!

A few months ago we had an opportunity to walk the ramparts on the walls of Jerusalem.

The Walls of Jerusalem

This was a profoundly moving time as we prayed for each quarter of Jerusalem (JewishMuslimArmenianChristian).

In 2018, Israel will celebrate 70th anniversary of the Founding of the State of Israel. We’ll walk the walls again.

Would you like to join us?

What an amazing time to visit Jerusalem and to pray! We’ll do just that during Break Forth Israel & Jordan NEXT Level 2018.

Elsa taking a break along the walk. We won’t rush you.

Please take a look below at a short video we shot while walking the walls just 4 months ago.

If you’re not signed up yet, we’d love to invite you, your friends, your church and your family to join us on this most historic year.

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In Christ,
Arlen, Elsa & Hans

PS – The tour is almost sold out, even though it’s 7 months from now.

006 Podcast: Visiting Tel Dan, where the Northern Golden Calf was worshipped

Path leading to the Golden Calf

Each one of us has been given a free will from God. We are not robots. We can choose God’s wisdom and see the blessings or we can choose our own way and face the natural consequences of this choice.

In today’s podcast, we travel back in time 3,000 years to learn lessons that Solomon and those who came after him had to learn the hard way.

Perhaps when you think of Israel you only think of desert or the Mediterranean or the rolling hills along the Galilee. But, if you head into Northern Israel, you come to the Tel Dan Nature Reserve.

Stark photo we took of the Tel Dan altar location

Here, you can walk through verdant forests with the cascading waters where the mighty Jordan River begins.  Once you walk through the forest, you come to the ancient city of Leshem and then a little further, you come to the actual location where the golden calf in northern Israel was placed. It is a stirring and sobering experience.

That’s where this episode takes place.

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In this Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The jealousy that fueled the building of the Northern Calf
  • Why the River Jordan is called Jordan (a quick Hebrew lesson).
  • Most people think Solomon simply prayed for wisdom. Learn the original Hebrew word that describes what Solomon really prayed for.
  • The far-reaching results of ignoring God’s wisdom.
  • Our third tour tip: The worst time to visit!  

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In this Episode, we mentioned one tour: Break Forth Israel & Jordan NEXT Level 2018. This amazing spiritual journey of a lifetime will sell out. You can get your free brochure and learn more here.




005: Paul’s Waiting Period in Prison in Caesarea Maritima

Have you ever struggled while you wait for God’s answer to your situation? Be comforted and strengthened today in this episode of the Break Forth Journeys Podcast. You’ll identify with the Apostle Paul as he went through his own waiting period.

Today’s episode takes place on one of our tours in Caesarea By The Sea (Caesarea Maritima), as we stand close to the spot where it is believed that the Apostle Paul was imprisoned. You’ll hear the fury of the wind and the crashing of the waves as Hans shares about God’s grace under pressure. Well, listen on in as Hans shares a word for you today:

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The Link We Mentioned In This Episode:

Do you want to be better prepared for the delicious Israeli street food? Here is a great link. Just click here.

Photos from Caesarea Maritima:

When Arlen and Elsa were at Caesarea Maritima last time, they went camera crazy as this is such an astounding spot. Check out some of the photos below:



A Heart-Warming Word from an Orthodox Rabbi

Let’s all admit it. We’re all tired of everyone ‘yelling’ at each other, whether it’s on Social Media, on the nightly news or in face to face violent protests.

Isn’t it time we listened to each other?

Watch this 2-minute, heart-warming video from our good friend, Moshe (Moses) who runs the Biblical Shop in the Old City of Jerusalem.

We think you’ll be encouraged:

Why don’t you join us in 2018 during Break Forth Israel & Jordan Next Level? We’ll get a chance to share with Moshe heart to heart when we’re in Jerusalem. We’re almost sold out. For your free brochure and all the details, please email us at info@breakforthjourneys.com

A Powerful Prayer from Congresswoman Michele Bachmann at the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast

As Founders of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast, we prepared for a pithy keynote message from Congresswoman and former USA Presidential Candidate, Michele Bachmann.

But, unexpectedly, God led her to change her plans and our plans as well.

What happening instead was powerful. She prayed. We prayed.

As you watch Michele Bachman’s stirring video below from the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast, we encourage you to pray along.

The Stunning Revelations Found in Magdala

The Magdala Stone

The hometown of the most popular sinner of the New Testament may also have been the seat of one of the priestly families that fled Jerusalem to the Galilee after the fall of the Second Temple at the hands of the Romans.

A combination of recent findings at Magdala — home of Jesus disciple Mary Magdalene (who was recently celebrated by Catholics on her July 22 feast day) and the Jewish historian Joseph Flavius — point to a developed priestly culture with echoes of ancient Jerusalem at the site.

Read more at The Times of Israel . . . 

Can’t Miss Video from the Historic Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast

Arlen & Elsa Leading in Prayer

It was historic. It was miraculous.

As Founders of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast, we were overwhelmed with the miraculous response. Sixty nations were represented as we came together in June for several days at the first Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast and conference. Incredibly, this Christian gathering was supported by the Knesset (Government of Israel) and Israel’s President.

During the Prayer Breakfast day, we were hit with the reality that it was 50 years to the day since the Six-Day War.  Remembering this, the former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren stepped to the stage and presented the stirring message below.

The video may be the most inspiring 11 minutes of your day.

Will you watch it? Will you join us in prayer for Israel?

In Christ,
Arlen & Elsa Salte, Hans Weichbrodt
Founders: Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast
Break Forth Journeys

PS – Do you want to join us in May 2018 for Break Forth Israel & Jordan Next Level? Please ask for your free brochure by emailing us at journeys@breakforthministries.com.

Break Forth Israel & Jordan Next Level 2018

We’re thrilled to announce Break Forth Israel & Jordan Next Level 2018.

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Your Bible will come alive as you step onto the land where prophets, priests, kings and our Messiah walked.

You’ll experience scholarly teaching, amazing sites, grace-centered ministry, personal renewal, wonderful fellowship, heart-lifting worship and maybe more smiles than you’ve had in years.

This tour is for those who’ve been to Israel before or those who want to dig deeper.

You’ll experience:

  • 11 Days of wonder and growth from Jerusalem to Masada to Mount Nebo to Petra to Jericho to Mt of Temptation and more!
  • A breathtaking luxurious ‘glamping’ experience in Wadi Rum
  • Daily sumptuous breakfast and dinner buffets
  • Exceptional 4 and 5 Star accommodations
  • Teaching from the world-renowned Hans Weichbrodt at every Biblical site
  • Heart-lifting Worship experiences along the way with Arlen & Elsa Salte and team.
  • Experienced leadership who’ve led over 2,000 people to the Lands of the Bible
  • The best of the best, hand-picked guides and drivers.
  • Travel by first-class air-conditioned motorcoach
  • Free pre-trip study and preparation materials
  • Free audio recordings of all teachings sent to you after the trip
  • International round-trip air, deluxe airport transfers to and from hotel (not included in land only option)
  • Opportunities to add on incredible post-trip extensions
  • And so much more!

We’ve sold out every tour. We encourage you to move quickly.

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You can also call to reserve your space at 1-866-978-2997. If that toll free line jams up due to an overload of calls you can also call 1-604-279-8794. 

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This is your spiritual journey and adventure of a lifetime. Please join us!