Break Forth Israel & Jordan Next Level 2018

We’re thrilled to announce Break Forth Israel & Jordan Next Level 2018.

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Your Bible will come alive as you step onto the land where prophets, priests, kings and our Messiah walked.

You’ll experience scholarly teaching, amazing sites, grace-centered ministry, personal renewal, wonderful fellowship, heart-lifting worship and maybe more smiles than you’ve had in years.

This tour is for those who’ve been to Israel before or those who want to dig deeper.

You’ll experience:

  • 11 Days of wonder and growth from Jerusalem to Masada to Mount Nebo to Petra to Jericho to Mt of Temptation and more!
  • A breathtaking luxurious ‘glamping’ experience in Wadi Rum
  • Daily sumptuous breakfast and dinner buffets
  • Exceptional 4 and 5 Star accommodations
  • Teaching from the world-renowned Hans Weichbrodt at every Biblical site
  • Heart-lifting Worship experiences along the way with Arlen & Elsa Salte and team.
  • Experienced leadership who’ve led over 2,000 people to the Lands of the Bible
  • The best of the best, hand-picked guides and drivers.
  • Travel by first-class air-conditioned motorcoach
  • Free pre-trip study and preparation materials
  • Free audio recordings of all teachings sent to you after the trip
  • International round-trip air, deluxe airport transfers to and from hotel (not included in land only option)
  • Opportunities to add on incredible post-trip extensions
  • And so much more!

We’ve sold out every tour. We encourage you to move quickly.

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You can also call to reserve your space at 1-866-978-2997. If that toll free line jams up due to an overload of calls you can also call 1-604-279-8794. 

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This is your spiritual journey and adventure of a lifetime. Please join us!

Renew Your Heart With This Video from Israel

Do you need some Holy Land inspiration today? Do you want this without packing your suitcase?

Then, this video is for you.

In this video, you’ll visit:

  • The Garden Tomb
  • The Wailing (Western) Wall
  • Caesarea By The Sea
  • Ein Gedi where David hid from Saul
  • The reverence of the desert
  • The beauty of the Sea of Galilee
  • And so much more.

If you’re ready to be inspired, why don’t you click on this heart-lifting video below? It may be the best 4 minutes of your day:

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It’s Here: Break Forth Israel 2017 Signature Tour!

BREAK FORTH ISRAEL 2017 HEADERWe’re thrilled to announce our latest tour, Break Forth Israel 2017: Signature Tour.

This is not just another tourist trip!

Are you looking for something more than just another “Holy Land’ trip that just ticks boxes at famous sites and moves on?

Do you want to: 

  • Walk where Jesus walked?
  • Worship where Elijah called fire down on the mountain?
  • Stand on Tel Megiddo (Armageddon) and sweep your eyes across the heavens as you imagine Christ’s return?
  • Make friends for a lifetime?
  • Worship with in unforgettable settings (like a communion service in the desert as the sun sets)?
  • Sit under the teaching of Messianic pastors, world-renowned scholars, orthodox rabbis and more?
  • Be led by grace-centered, fun-filled Swedish teacher and author, Rev Hans Weichbrodt?
  • Enjoy this in spring-like weather and when the crowds are smaller?
  • Do this all at prices as low as $2,000 less than we’ve seen other trips offered for?

Are you looking for something more than a short devotion, short prayer and then you climb onto another tour bus?

If you’re looking for more, then this experience is for you! Break Forth Israel 2017 is for those who want more! This is our signature tour that sells out year after year.

Hans Weichbrodt

Rev. Hans Weichbrodt

You’ll grow with the spiritual teaching  by dynamic speaker, scholar and renowned author, Rev. Hans Weichbrodt.

You’ll experience times of worship that are so powerful and unique that they will be remembered for a lifetime. You will experience teaching from local scholars and prominent teachers along the way. You’ll worship with a local messianic congregation. You’ll explore places few tour groups go.

Are looking for a unique experience in the Holy Land? Do you want your pilgrimage to be unique and spiritually deep? Have you been before but you want something new and inspiring?

Then, Break Forth Israel 2017 is for you.

You can download your free brochure here.

We expect an early sell out so please contact us today. You can hold your space with just a deposit.

Please contact us today as we often sell out months early. 

This is for you! You will never be the same!

Download Your Free Brochure

Download Your Free Brochure

Please send us an email at 

You can download a free brochure now by clicking here or the photo on the right.

Then, we encourage you to inquire about Break Forth Israel today by emailing us at

Or call: 1-866-978-2997

We don’t want anyone to miss out.


You’ll never read the scriptures the same.

You’ll see and feel the sights, sounds and experiences like never before.

Faith and gratitude will be renewed in your hearts.

We’d love to see you, your family and friends book your spaces before they’re gone.

Please join us for Break Forth Israel 2017 (Signature Tour)! You’ll never be the same. Just click here to read more.

arlen elsa Beth

Arlen & Elsa Salte


Arlen and Elsa Salte

Directors and Founders; Break Forth Ministries / Break Forth Journeys

Break Forth Paul 2016: Missionary Journeys & 7 Day Cruise

Download Your Break Forth Paul 2016 Brochure Now

Download Your Break Forth Paul 2016 Brochure Now. Click now!

People have waited for years for this trip. Now, it’s here!

  • Imagine travelling to some of the most significant places in the missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul!
  • Imagine sailing with friends over the crystalline Mediterranean seas on a relaxing cruise as we travel to some of the most important Biblical sites in history!
  • Imagine sitting under the powerful ministry of renowned teacher, author and minister, Rev Hans Weichbrodt as he shares with us in the very places where the Apostle Paul walked by faith, struggled with adversity, trusted in God, saw miracles take place and actually wrote the very Word of God!
  • Imagine experiencing worship and ministry like you may never have encountered before.
  • Imagine laughter, unforgettable sites, amazing food and friendships for a lifetime and an eternity!

We are excited to announce Break Forth Paul: The Missionary Journeys of Paul and 7 Day Greek Island / Mediterranean Cruise.

Now, you can download your very own free 14 page brochure on Break Forth Paul 2016. Just click here or the image above.

This is just what so many have been waiting for! We expect a rapid sell-out!

Will you join us for this life-changing spiritual journey?

We don’t want you to miss out. Please download the brochure and then call ASAP to 1-866 978 2997. Or, email


You Can Watch The Overview Video Below:


What Did Athen’s Parthenon Look Like To Apostle Paul?

Parthenon on the Acropolis in AthensThe Parthenon in Athens today is a jaw-dropping site. But, it’s had some rough years.

So, what did it look like in St. Paul’s day when he stood on Mars hill and gazed up at the Parthenon? It wasn’t the mottled beige stone of today. It was painted vibrant colours!

Now, we can know what it looked like in full color.

Here’s how . . .

In Nashville, there is a full scale replica of the Parthenon. Recently, the Tokyo Broadcasting Corporation used giant projectors to project the colors that were originally on the Parthenon in Athens.

In this one minute video below, see these vibrant colors come to life. This is what the Apostle Paul would have seen. Now, you can see it too!

Here’s an interesting point to know about the Parthenon and Athens:

When the Apostle Paul visited Athens, there were an estimated 30,000 “gods’ in idol form. No wonder Paul said, “Men of Athens, I perceive that in every way you are very religious.”  That’s a message that’s just as relevant for our world today.

Of course, you can view the real Parthenon and a host of idols at every turn to give you a sense of what the Apostle Paul was walking into.

Hans Elsa Arlen HeadshotIf you join Hans and us for Break Forth Paul in the fall, 2016 you will see this with your own eyes. Hans will share powerful messages of renewal when we visit. We will also worship the true God where once, false gods stood! Please email us for more information here:

We’d love to have you join us!

Here is the video. It’s stunning:




Can A Holy Land Bus Tour Save Me Thousands?

hand putting money coins  with filter effect retro vintage style

You Can Save Thousands!

Can A Holy Land Bus Tour Really Save Me Thousands?

It’s an important question to ask.  After all, for many this may be the trip of a lifetime and you really don’t want to make a mistake.

It’s an important question. But the answer is not so simple.

Let me tell you why . . .

If you choose the right bus tour you will receive great value, possibly saving thousands.

In an upcoming blog post I’ll cover the question: “What should I look for in a Holy Land Bus Tour?”

For now, here are 10 reasons why a Bus Tour of Biblical Lands can be a great value compared to a private tour:

Dan Panorama Jerusalem - One of our Choice Hotels

Dan Panorama Jerusalem – One of our Choice Hotels

#10 – You Receive Better Hotel Value:

When major tour groups negotiate with hotels they may negotiate literally thousands of room night per year. This gives them great buying power. For example, the hotels we are booking for our next tour, Break Forth Israel & Jordan NEXT Level are quoting up to $400 per night (tax included) on Expedia. If you were doing this on your own with double occupancy, you would pay $2,000 per person just for 10 nights of hotels. If you were staying one per room this would come to $4,000, just for hotels.

#9 – You Save Money on Meals:

Most quality tours provide what is called a half-board coverage. This means that you receive a huge buffet breakfast and dinner. If you were on your own, you would be covering all your dinners and in some cases, breakfasts as well. If this comes to $60 per day, you are looking at $600.

David Wexler - One Of Our Favourite Israel Guides

David Wexler – One Of Our Favourite Israel Guides

#8 – You Receive Access To Better Guides:

Unless you are willing to dish out large sums of money, it is hard to get the best guides in the country on a private tour. A quality bus Holy Land pilgrimage will have taken the time to check out guides to ensure you receive top-flight guides. Of course, you can always book a lower budget guide but if you want decades of experience, unparalleled knowledge and an engaging presentation then you need to pay for the best. (We have known guides who invent information on the fly when they lack knowledge – and most people will never be aware that they’ve been taken for a ride.) We take the time to choose only the best of the best guides.

#7 – You Save Money On Guides:

A high quality tour guide will cost on average $300 – $400 per day plus meals and hotels. Tips will be extra. Without tips you are looking at an average of $600 per day with expenses or $6,000 for 10 days, plus tips. On a bus tour, your tour guide costs are split amongst the entire group.

#6 – You Save Money On Transportation:

You can rent a small van at around $100 – $200 per day plus fuel, insurance and GPS rental (gas prices are about $2.25/litre). But, many people would not be comfortable driving in Jerusalem. Few, if any Rental car companies will allow you to drive into any area under the control of the Palestinian Authority, which includes Bethlehem and Jericho. If you want to leave the driving to someone else you can hire a private driver and van at around $400 per day plus hotels, meals (total $600 per day plus tips). A Bus tour includes transportation and is a stress-free way to see the sites.

We Use The Best Tour Buses & Drivers

We Use The Best Tour Buses & Drivers

#5 – You Have A Dedicated Safe Driver:

It is possible to hire a private driver who is also a licensed guide at an average of $700 per day plus hotel and meals (total $900 per day plus tips). This may work for you but you risk the possibility that your combo driver/guide will either make driving mistakes because they’re focused on guiding or miss parts of their tour guiding because they are concentrating on navigating traffic. On a bus tour you have a dedicated guide who is only concentrating on guiding and a driver who is only concentrated on driving.

#4 – Your Booking Is Taken Care Of (Relax and Enjoy):

On a bus tour, the tour company you work with will have handled all the hotel bookings, entrance fees, transportation and other logistics. You just show up and get ready to see the scriptures come to life! If you are on your own you will need to make all your arrangements and figure out what your time is worth. A quality bus tour of the Holy Lands will also send you advance materials, with everything from itineraries to scriptural readings to prayer guides to reading lists to special insights. You would need to handle this on your own on a private tour as few in-country guides would be able to do this at the spiritual level you expect.

Masada Entrance & Cable Car Included on Our Tour

Masada Entrance & Cable Car Included on Our Tour

#3 – You Save Money on Entrance Fees:

Most bus tours include entrance fees to most everything on your tour. If you are on your own you will be responsible for paying this on your own. This may average $25 per day for a total of $250 for a ten-day tour.

#2 – You Have More Than a Local Guide – You Have a Leader:

Quality bus tours will include a leader as well as your guide and driver. This is probably someone from your home country and will assist you with everything from health concerns to helping to make your trip more enjoyable. Your leader probably has been to the country before and can provide additional ‘insider information’ in addition to the local guide. You could certainly ask someone to come along on a private tour who has been to the country before but unless they’re ready to pay their own way, it would be very expensive.

#1 – You May Receive Teaching From a Well-Known Spiritual Teacher:

Hans Weichbrodt Teaching at Pergamum, Turkey

Hans Weichbrodt Teaching at Pergamum, Turkey

To book a well-known Leader with spiritual insights, scholarly wisdom, vast experience in the country or countries you are visiting, engaging teaching, and prayer ministry gifts and a ministry heart is almost impossible to find on a private tour. If you could even access someone of this caliber (and you probably couldn’t) it could cost you $1,000 per day plus hotel, meals and flights. This could easily run $12,000 for a ten-day tour if you could even find someone like that. Some (but not many) bus pilgrimages have access to teachers like this. For all our Break Forth Journeys trips and our Break Forth Israel & Jordan: NEXT Level 2016, we are blessed to have Hans Weichbrodt who fills all of these rare qualities. While few tours offer someone of Hans’ gifts and experience, it is the only way we conduct a tour.

In addition, if a worship experience by a seasoned musician or group is a blessing to you, this would add an additional $10,000 to $20,000 to the bill, factoring all travel, hotels, meals and honorarium for 10 days. We include a worship team on all of our trips. As this wouldn’t be feasible on a private tour, we don’t include this in our comparisons below.


Is a bus tour right for you?

It depends. If you are looking for what a quality bus tour offers and you have budget limitations, then it’s perfect.

If you have a large budget or are mostly looking for a historical/architectural experience without high level spiritual teaching then perhaps a private tour will work for you. One isn’t superior to the other; they’re just different.

Now, let’s compare costs:

Typical High Quality Spiritually-Focused 10-Day Bus Tour Land only:

Private Tour If You Tried To Duplicate a Quality Spiritually Focused Bus Tour / Pilgrimage (based on 4 people in group and double hotel occupancy, land only):

  • Hotels: $2,000
  • Meals: $600
  • Tour Guide: $1,500
  • Private Driver: $1,500
  • Entrance Fees: $250
  • Proper Compensation of Well Known Spiritual Leader: $3,000
  • TOTAL COST: $8,850
*NOTE: Prices based upon 2015 online quotes

In an upcoming post we will help you find the right bus tour for you if you’re looking for spiritual depth, high quality and at a reasonable cost.

If you’re interested in joining us for Break Forth Israel & Jordan: NEXT Level 2016, you can learn more here. We sold 50% of spaces within days so please move quickly if you’re interested. Our prices starts at just $2,995 and includes the dynamic teacher, Hans Weichbrodt at every site as well as a renowned worship team.

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