Forgot Your Phone Charger? This Tip Could Save Your Sanity:

charge smartphoneHave you ever forgotten your phone charger when you’ve been on a trip? Maybe you left it at home. Maybe you left it in a hotel.

Frustrating? No, it’s way beyond that!

Well, here’s a tip that may save your sanity.

Airport Lost & Founds are vast repositories of chargers, power adaptors, cables and more. People who’ve left them behind are probably on a plane far away. It’s simply not worth their time or money to have it shipped back to their country or even make the call.

Lost & Found often just throws items or recycles them. This is your sanity saver.

If no one has inquired about a charger, adaptor or other item for a while, they’d rather just give it to you because it’s one less thing to deal with.

We’ve also had hotel Lost & Founds who have given or loaned us items in a pinch.

So, if this happens to you, take a deep breath. The people at Lost & Found may be your best friends that day.




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