It’s Here: Break Forth Israel 2017 Signature Tour!

BREAK FORTH ISRAEL 2017 HEADERWe’re thrilled to announce our latest tour, Break Forth Israel 2017: Signature Tour.

This is not just another tourist trip!

Are you looking for something more than just another “Holy Land’ trip that just ticks boxes at famous sites and moves on?

Do you want to: 

  • Walk where Jesus walked?
  • Worship where Elijah called fire down on the mountain?
  • Stand on Tel Megiddo (Armageddon) and sweep your eyes across the heavens as you imagine Christ’s return?
  • Make friends for a lifetime?
  • Worship with in unforgettable settings (like a communion service in the desert as the sun sets)?
  • Sit under the teaching of Messianic pastors, world-renowned scholars, orthodox rabbis and more?
  • Be led by grace-centered, fun-filled Swedish teacher and author, Rev Hans Weichbrodt?
  • Enjoy this in spring-like weather and when the crowds are smaller?
  • Do this all at prices as low as $2,000 less than we’ve seen other trips offered for?

Are you looking for something more than a short devotion, short prayer and then you climb onto another tour bus?

If you’re looking for more, then this experience is for you! Break Forth Israel 2017 is for those who want more! This is our signature tour that sells out year after year.

Hans Weichbrodt

Rev. Hans Weichbrodt

You’ll grow with the spiritual teaching  by dynamic speaker, scholar and renowned author, Rev. Hans Weichbrodt.

You’ll experience times of worship that are so powerful and unique that they will be remembered for a lifetime. You will experience teaching from local scholars and prominent teachers along the way. You’ll worship with a local messianic congregation. You’ll explore places few tour groups go.

Are looking for a unique experience in the Holy Land? Do you want your pilgrimage to be unique and spiritually deep? Have you been before but you want something new and inspiring?

Then, Break Forth Israel 2017 is for you.

You can download your free brochure here.

We expect an early sell out so please contact us today. You can hold your space with just a deposit.

Please contact us today as we often sell out months early. 

This is for you! You will never be the same!

Download Your Free Brochure

Download Your Free Brochure

Please send us an email at 

You can download a free brochure now by clicking here or the photo on the right.

Then, we encourage you to inquire about Break Forth Israel today by emailing us at

Or call: 1-866-978-2997

We don’t want anyone to miss out.


You’ll never read the scriptures the same.

You’ll see and feel the sights, sounds and experiences like never before.

Faith and gratitude will be renewed in your hearts.

We’d love to see you, your family and friends book your spaces before they’re gone.

Please join us for Break Forth Israel 2017 (Signature Tour)! You’ll never be the same. Just click here to read more.

arlen elsa Beth

Arlen & Elsa Salte


Arlen and Elsa Salte

Directors and Founders; Break Forth Ministries / Break Forth Journeys



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15 thoughts on “It’s Here: Break Forth Israel 2017 Signature Tour!

  1. Would LOVE to do this tour !
    Need more info regarding cost of the tour to Israel ?


    Thanks, Wouter & Linda Hugo

  2. Good Morning:
    Yesterday, Wednesday May 18th, I called to indicate that my wife and I are interested in joining you on your March 2017 trip to Israel. Our plans are to fly from Saskatoon, Sk to Toronto, then on to Tel Aviv with the group, there may be a group from our home town (Beechy, Sk.) doing the same. As I said in our phone call, we’d like to explore the possibility of using our Air Miles for the flights of the trip. The lady I talked to said she would email me back the details of the flights and schedule in the next few minutes. I also indicated that we would likely want to do the extended trip, and she was going to include the two options Breakforth are offering, one was a time at the Red Sea , and the other was another trip into Jordan (Petra I believe).
    Anyway, I didtn’t receive her email so I thought I better email, as I thought she may have gotten our email address wrong . Looking forward to the information.. thanks Neil Danroth

  3. We are interested in a Breakforth 2017 Israel tour. Question is do you ever take people with mobility issues on these tours? I use a small, collapsible scooter, and would require a lift on the bus to get me into the bus, as I can’t do stairs.

    Any hope of us ever getting to the Holy Land, do you think? Or is it just not accessible?

    BTW the video is beautiful and moving. Thank you.

    Thanks for your input.
    Carol Ann Armstrong

    • Hi Carol Ann –
      We so wish we could do this but the bus doesn’t have a lift and you might also miss out on some of the sites. Israel’s version of the accessible is more rugged than ours. Of course, they have thousands of years of history to deal with.
      A personal tour could be arranged with one of our trusted guides. If you email we can put you in connection with a couple of excellent options. It wouldn’t be Break Forth Israel but it would still be a blessing.

  4. I will be coming from Sydney, Australia . I am trying to get some people to join me. Do you offer group prices?

    • Hi Adelfa – At this time, due to our low costs and high value, we are unable to offer group prices. Fortunately, the Canadian dollar is low right now so you can reap these benefits. We would love to have you and your people join us.

  5. We just came out of church meeting. I am interested to be on Israel 2017 tour. Please, would you mind to provide me with more information please!
    Have a blessed day and remain blessed

    • Hi Kelly – Our Break Forth Israel tour coming up sold out a while ago. Our next tour to Israel is Break Forth Israel & Jordan NEXT Level in May 2018. We expect this to sell our rapidly. Please email so we can send you more information.

  6. I am signed up for the Israel trip 2017 but am not getting the emails from Melanie Salte. Could you please add me to your list

    • Hi Yvette – We have checked the emails and they are being sent to you at the email address you provided. Perhaps it is in your spam folder.

  7. Here I am ! All choked up and tears eyed. 😂😂As I was glancing through the pictures I got this lump in my throat, knowing that God is calling me back to Israel. My vision, my dream, my goal is that I will be joining you all next year. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. 🙏🙏👏👏Please pray for me as God prepares me,physically and spiritually.👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏