Packing Checklist for Pilgrims

Suitcase Stuffed

Packing Checklist 


Blouses,shirts, socks, underwear (take a limited supply-use wash & wear)

Shorts, slacks, jeans, skirts (take a limited supply)

□ Heavy sweater or jacket

□ Swimsuit

□ Walking shoes

Flip-flops (for the beach)

□ Sunglasses

□ Hat


□ Shampoo

Toothbrush and paste, dental floss

□ Deodorant

□ Personal soap (the hotel will supply small bars)

□ Comb and hairbrush

Nail clippers

□ Shaving equipment

□ Eye drops or contact lens solution

□ Band Aids, Athlete’s Foot treatment

□ Diarrhea medicine (just in case!)

□ Cold/cough medicine

□ Sleeping pills (to overcome jet lag)

□ Motion sickness pills

Aspirin or other non-prescription medication


□ Earplugs


□ Travel alarm

□ Plastic bags (for laundry, washcloth etc.)

□ Pen, notebook and small Bible

□ Small sewing kit

□ Adapter or converter for all electrical appliances

□ Tissues

□ Laundry detergent (small supply)

□ Washcloth 

Camera, memory card, charger

□ Electrical appliances (hair dryer, iron, electric razor etc)

□ Small umbrella or rain hat and poncho

Packaged snacks

Small bag or backpack for day use (this may be the same bag you use for carry-on)

Items to Pack in Hand Luggage 

Airline tickets

□ Passport

One-day change of clothes (in case of lost luggage)

□ Neck pillow

□ Good book to read

□ Prescription Medication

□ Copies of any prescriptions (in case you need them filled)



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