Show Me The Shekels . . .

Israeli Shekels (NIS)

Israeli Shekels (NIS)

Unless you have a very generous uncle, visiting Israel requires money. And if you do have an uncle like that, maybe you can email us his name and number. Seriously though, even though our Break Forth Journeys trips are a great value, money is still required.

Would you like some help?

We’re here to explain . . .

Here’s How The Israeli Currency Works:

The New Israeli Shekel (NIS) is Israel’s currency. There are coins of 5, 10, 50 agorot (like our cents) and 1,5,10 shekels (see images here). There are also 20, 50, 100 & 200 shekel notes (like our dollar bills, see images here).

Currently, one Canadian dollar is equal to about 3 NIS. As the economy fluctuates, it’s wise to keep an eye on exchange rates as you approach your departure date.

Where Do You Get Money?

If you need to exchange money while you are in Israel,  you can do so in a bank (you will need to bring your passport to do so). Although they will charge you an exchange fee, they will give you a better rate overall.

Most places in Israel readily take US currency (not Canadian). We suggest exchanging your money into US currency while still at home and then supplementing your funds with shekels as needed.

We recommend that you withdraw money from ATM machines in Israel in order to get the best exchange rates. Bank machines are prevalent throughout the country, but you need to plan ahead. Don’t be afraid of saying to your tour leader or guide, “I’m running short on shekels, may we stop at a bank machine some time today?”

NOTE: Traveler’s Cheques are not recommended.

What About Tips?

Break Forth Guide: David Wexler

Break Forth Israel Tour Guide: David Wexler

Please note that a tip for the drivers and guides is appreciated at the end of the tour – cash is required for this and can be in US currency (an average tip is $3/day for the driver, $5/day for the guide).

Most tours do not include tips in their prices as this is a suggested amount, no different than tipping at a restaurant.

Other tours state they include tips and while this can simplify things, there are many stories of the tips never fully making it to the guide and driver. Please investigate this closely to ensure that pre-paid tips actually make it to the guide and driver who were such a great help to you and others.

We believe in the scriptural principle that states, “The worker deserves his wages.” – 1 Timothy 5:18b

Watch for more helpful tips on visiting Israel coming your way!

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