Bargill Pixner: Full Video

Arlen & Elsa in 'Pixner's Cave'

Arlen & Elsa in ‘Pixner’s Cave’

Many times on our Break forth Journeys trips to Israel, we mention the groundbreaking discouveries and theories of Rev. Bargil Pixner.

Bargil Pixner (March 23, 1921 – April 5, 2002) was a German born, Benedictine monk, Biblical scholar, archaeologist and Benedictine authority on the Dead Sea scrolls.

Those who have traveled with us will remember visiting what’s called

Rev. Bargil Pixner

Rev. Bargil Pixner

“Pixner’s Cave” as we sit and look out onto the Sea of Galilee.

Pixner is the author of several great books, but now, you can watch a one hour TV special he made before he passed away.

Just link here to watch the fascinating video.




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